When you read through Mark 4:1-20. Jesus preached to the people using the first parable and what to me is one of the most important parables He ever told people.
We are change by the word of God. God’s word is the ultimate tool that God uses to shape His people, but the effectiveness of this word is dependent on the receiver’s attitude towards the word of God.
Jesus brought out four kinds of heart in this simple parable, and the difference between these hearts is just their attitude towards the word they received. You have to note that it was not the “heart” that yielded fruits; it is the word of God (the seed) that yielded fruit.
A lot of us want a change in our walk with God, we want our life to be more productive than it is right now but we are not ready to put the word of God in our hearts, it is this tool (the word) that God will use to give you the change you so desire. If you want to have a fruitful life, you will have to change your attitude towards the word of God.
From the parable by Jesus, these are some of the positive attitudes that I know, if implemented in your life, can cause the word of God to fruit in your life:

One of the reasons why the seed did not grow in the parable as mentioned by Jesus was that the seed fell on a HARD GROUND.
The hard ground represents the heart that hears the word but is not ready to obey, it is stubborn, it is not MEEK (teachable and correctable). In Such hearts, the word will yield no fruit.

Plants with shallow root have little or no stability, when the winds and other harsh situations come on them, they can barely withstand them.
To root your life deep with God can be achieved through accepting the word, studying it over and over until it becomes part of you, believe what it says and greatest of all of these is to obey the word. Doing these roots the word of God deep in your life and enables you to nurture the word of God to full bloom.

LUST (MARK 4:18, ROM 12:2)
The next crucial (to me, it is the greatest thing that Jesus countered while teaching the parable) is the issue of LUST. I define LUST as “the state of being carried away by the earthly things your eyes can see, your heart can imagine, your body can feel, your nose can perceive and your tongue can taste”. For me, it is a state of being totally ruled by your flesh, the word of God cannot grow in this kind of people, because their hearts are too crowded with lust to even be able to meditate on the word of God.
I see MEDITATION on the word of God as a key practice that helps nurture the word; you are watering the word when you give time to meditate on it.
These kinds of people don’t meditate on the word of God; they are just ruled by their emotions.

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